It's Jan 1st one more time again. I've experimented 24 1st of january since I was born in december 16th, 1980. Awesome, huh? Well my last two new years I've had sex, I thought I was implementing a tradition in my life, which is always have sex during at new year's dawn, but 2004 started with a mistletoe kiss, nothing hot, just a plain cold lip kiss... Dammit. I want to bang a girl, fuck!!!! Let me stop short from saying my brain has become a cheese waxed package.
I don't remember if I ever told why my blog is called 404 not found, besides a ridiculous Internet misquotation, this is the name of a song from a band called Hateen. Yeah, all that emo crap "I don't know what my role in life is/ What Am I suppose to do/ I love you so much it hurts just seeing you/ I am out of focus" but it seemed a good name for a digital journal (wow, this is so cheesy --I'm feeling like a barbie doll).
Don't have a pussy to stick my cock into, so I'll just go back to work.


Well it is confusing, every time I´m back on a trip my life is found on a crossroad, which is girls on my mind, apologies in my mouth and you always surounding them. This routine has to change.
When the year starts I´ll call her to see if she still wants to hang out with me. And this time I´ll try to fix up things that had to be glued a long time ago.

Vai vadiar