Dude, I was HIRED!!!!!!! I was worried as hell that I was going to lose my job next year but now it´s all gone, `cause I was fucking HIRED!!!!!

Listening to Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
Et bien, mon humeur est très francophonique, j´enverrai un petit poème que j´avais ecrit:

Plein, piège présence
Il y a quelque chose étrange sur la vie,
Quelque chose poubelle,
Que se resemble toujour,
Toujour sur ma conscience,
Conscience pleine,
Que piège et aprécie.
Je sens votre présence,
Sur ma tête, mon beau cadeau,
Ma vie...
So, this what I used to call a busy day full of peculiarities. Let´s cut the crap and go right to the point, which is always girls. Recently I´ve reestablish contact with this girl I used to work with, she´s pretty smart and waaaaaaaay cute. Et bien sûr, elle est francophonique, ce que c´est super!!! J´ai une amie que lui connais aussi, et elle m´a dit que peut être j´ai des chance. So, I´m planning to go right after her. Maybe thru a new approach.
So now I have three fronts to attack, hope at least one gets right into the bullseye. When it all cames down, I really wish it could be her, sometimes a long walk deserves a refreshing water just to put you right on the track. I hope not to count much on that, eventually I really feel people who fullfil each other should be together, at least her reconnaissance is a step forward, right?

Listening - All, Miranda.


I think I´m getting used with this shit. I don´t know but eventually people will start to wonder on my english writting. Well, not quite sure, maybe this is just an essay, a rehearsal for eventualities. I spend my hours portuguese writing, so this is just what could be call a metermaid singing (what?!).
I was surfing around till I got to Millencolin´s web site, which led me to Lyrics page. Check out I found: "It's you, you're overweight and lovely yes it's true, a pig in walking shoes. You drool every time we kiss, I must say you rule. I'm falling in love with you". Yeah, Killercrush chorus, cool, huh? I remember when I hear over and over to this song, I was like 18 and madly in love with this Beastie Boys fan. She was really awesome and was my first girlfriend. Well now I´m changed, taste, shoes, socks, kissing, fooling around.
Four years just passed by and my friend seemed a little worried about the future, now that we´re graduated and the routine of seeing each other apparently will end. If not under our sight the friends at least will stay in our hearts.

Listening to EMF´s Unbelievable, pretty cool, huh!!!!
Oh well. Saturday there´s a huge barbecue party thrown by my college class. Don´t know if i´ll be there. But I truly wanted to go just to play AC/DC´s You Shook Me All Night Long to this amazing girl.

I´m now listening to nothing but I wish I ecoutais Samiam´s Ordinary Life


Hey, it´s not been a while since my last post. Well, nothing much has changed... Today I was playing farside´s and I hope that you´re unhappy, which is a very passional song, and I realized even though it means a lot to me, I´ve never experienced anything alike. So I decided to publish it here.

I must have had a dream about you cause i woke up in worst of moods.
When i looked at the clock my day was already ruined.
I´m glad that you liked your new place.
And I hope your new job works out well.
I getting used to my kitchen and sleeping by myself

And as we talk, and reminensce
I barely mask how deeply I´m depressed
And though I can´t complaint
I think I just might cause it can´t much worse
And I hope that you´re unhappy to be alone.

I´m at my suit job everyday
And farside´s writing a new LP.
And though I´m still in school I´ve almost got my degree.

I keep myself so busy now
Because I don´t want to be at home at all
Because everytime that I´m there I´m crushed that you haven´t call

And then I dwell and reminensce
About the drama about the angel dress you wore for me
And the sun went down and you swore you were mine.
And I hope that you´re unhappy to be alone

I don´t you to cry anymore then I cried just at least this much
I know your children will be beautiful, but I don´t ever wanted to know that exist at all

So let´s stop talk and reminesce
Cause it won´t fill the cobwebs in my chest and when clench the phone and I grind my teeth
And I hope you´re miserable and I hope that you´re unhappy to be alone.