Skatista ouve Fugazi. Roller, Ivete Sangalo. Impressionante.


Caralho, eu to muito bêbado. E to MUITO Feliz. ESTOU escoutnantdo ALL OUT ANGST DO NOFX> I JUST WANT MY... yeah to make me happoy!!!!
fucking A



Copio agora, deliberadamente, o fotolog da Júlia para escrever a seguinte mensagem abaixo.
Eu quero/preciso de uma bohemia gelada para pensar melhor, descansar melhor porque a vida anda chata e entediante. Alguém tem uma na geladeira?

Para animar, vale um sambinha maneiro do Cartola.


Unspoken request, BSF.

Failed coercion leads to intrusion and the blood forever runs in her head into her hands between her legs where his mind lies. Power drives him into murder innocence
on the rack of his devices vices and designs. She will never scrub the stains from her arms from her neck from her legs the dirt will remain as a reminder of his hateful face reach in rip apart the inner fibers of her soul. Boy, you'll never know how it feels to fear the shame feel free to walk down any dark street without fear
without shame no one is gonna touch you and you don't need protection she shouldn't need protection!
You can sit there with that stupid smile on your face and try to convince me that you care. Defined by your power defined by her body the innocence she feels everybody else contains it's lost it's gone but i guess it doesn't matter anyway
Defined redefined fucked tortured and discarded and if he ever cares maybe he will feel ashamed for everything he's stolen for all the trust she gave possessed and broken she cries but it's not our problem pull down your goddamn blinds he will never think he's wrong she will think you're wrong she will never feel quite right.


This solitude feeling´s killing me. I wish sunday night was just another night. My stomach aches badly. My head aches too because I´m a bit worried about this shit. Tomorrow come today. I hope to get some sleep and try to relax. It could be surf but stress is up.

I hope that you are unhappy - Farside