So here I am, pretending I'm a superman... Well, I'm at Palacio do Planalto waiting to hear the briefing on Lula's conversation with british PM, Tony Blair. All I wanted to say is my first week in our friendly capital has been nice and full of work. I think I've found a place to live, to rest my ass. I'll try to update this shit more often. See you in the pit...


Oh, and I just got back from Salvador and I met this incredible girl. I´m really excited that maybe we can move our situation forward. I´ll let you know.
Well. It seems that my blog mind is perenial... Well. Today´s my last day in Sao Paulo. Tomorrow I´ll be in Brasilia, our friendly capital. I´ll try to spend more time writing in this space. People starves for news about me (that´s a bit pretentious). My thoughts is on all of you guys. Wish me luck.