I always thought less of me... That's a huge self steem issue which I should solve pronto. Anyways I used to see this girl as an intelligent, self confident, self assure know-it-all type of girl. And I saw myself as a stupid, irresponsable, imature, low-life, living lavish kid. In a weird sort of way that worked out fine due to its cosmic astrological bullshit balance until the day it all backfired and I saw myself wondering on questions without answers.

Well now I try to get back on track based on two thoughts: everyone hates a know-it-all and time heal sometimes, eventually, what-fucking-ever. Quoting a song a boring life in a boring town... with the same old crowd.


Post message without a reason why nor a sure bût. Just to say I´m another fool. Fool for believing in you, fool to care about you, fool to know I fucked up, fool to not know what is up on your mind.

But don't go your own way. Listen to what I have to say. Sometimes is just nothing at all, but do listen, even if I mumble words. That´s because I haven't been sleeping correctly for the past week. My mind's eye is on you. I've been dreaming about you for almost a month. And you keep on ignoring me. My rollercoaster ride.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that every time I see you I act like a different man.

And I don't even know why i care...

The kids left home.