Bem, eu fiz pela metade o tal curso do Tesouro sobre emissão de títulos de dívida pela República e agora estou totalmente endividado, que merda. Tem uma frase do Rodney Dangerfield, um comediante norte-americano muito muito engraçado, que é a seguinte: "Os homens lidam com muitos casos de angústias, pena que eles têm mais angústias do que casos!!!!!"
Ele é muito bom!
Eventually I´d end up writing in portuguese, french. Mais bien, aujourd´hui je me sens pas francophonic, et rien que anglophonic. Et donc, le portugais c´est ma langue!
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I was rehearsing this beautiful song I have on my set list: Foo Fighter´s Everlong. I cannot describe how incrible and self involved it is this song. I did something acoustically, which is no diferent from a radio version Dave Grohl played a couple of years ago. Anyways Circo das Estrelas is gaining steam!

I posted some words on my orkut a couple of days ago, and I think it is so funny I decided to show it to all of you (no one) who ever dropped his fingers in this web page.
Oh, and by the way I don´t think my best feature can be listed!!!! ROCK ON
I do think that misplaced hairs on a girl are a huge turn off. I´m thankful that neither of my former girlfriends had this, let´s called, "handicapness". By the way, I was thinking about what I learn from my past relationships, and that is what I put it together:
Well, from my last girlfriend I learned that I suck. From my newly girlfriend I learned that I'm not trustworthy. From my first girlfriend I learned that I lost probably someone that could end up being the love of my life.
Just for fun, I decided to post the 5 things I cannot live without.
4)A blowjob while driving



Hey you guys. Back in the city. I´m not too proud, but let´s just say I might have lost someone that could be the girl of my dreams. Thoughts and heart still in Salvador. I´m just a bit tired, so I´ll try to get some sleep. Tomorrow I´ll be an expert on public debt and Treasury, maybe I´ll post something regarding our GDP/Debt ratio.

For you my beautiful.
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