What I say should never matter anyway
But what you do would broke my heart for sure
Do you think our sorrow would be drunken,
Or just be drowned and forgotten?

"We would be better together than alone"
It was written in the bottom of an empty bottle of wine

So I thought
My hopes, my feelings, my anguish, my antecipation
Are reminiscence of a short cut past.
But stillness takes over the aches
As forgetfulness embraces your patch

If you don't whisper as I wish you do
Breath slowly and repeatedly, then
So it can calm us down
It can burry our feelings down

My grief's no longer unrest and uneasy
As red words in a blank paper
Repent and drown in poor words
My torment has wore out.

PS: Esse é um poema que eu comecei a escrever em 23 de março de 2006. Novamente, o resultado foi uma bosta. Então decidi reescrevê-lo. O resultado é o que você, leitor imaginário, acabou de ler.